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Best Wholesale Clothing Vendors in 2024 + How to Vet Them

Clothing is a pretty safe bet when it comes to finding products with infinite demand. Most people need to wear clothes, and it’s considered a basic necessity almost everywhere. So when discretionary spending tanks along with the economy, there’s still a pretty reasonable demand for clothes.

Likewise, there are tons of options available to the aspiring apparel entrepreneur. You can design and style your own items. But that’s not for everyone. If you’re not a designer, you’ll likely look to source ready-made designs that fit your brand aesthetic and meet a customer need.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wholesale clothing vendors and how you can choose the right partner for your clothing business.

Top wholesale clothing vendors

General wholesale clothing vendors


Image of Faire’s clothing products feed after searching for “clothing”
You can browse trending wholesale clothing products from thousands of independent brands on Faire.

Faire connects independent retailers with emerging and established brands and artisans through its wholesale marketplace. It offers a variety of unique, high-quality wholesale clothes, ranging from women’s, kids and baby, swimwear, and upscale.

The company is known for its innovative approach to wholesale, offering net payment terms and a dynamic online platform that help mitigate risks and barriers commonly faced by small retailers and makers.


China-based AliExpress is a well-known and popular clothing wholesale supplier for businesses all over the world. It’s known for having a huge range of products—apparel and beyond—at affordable prices. Here, you’ll find men’s, women’s, children’s, baby, plus-size, petite, bohemian, and many other clothing categories. Buyers beware, though: There’s no quality control (QC) when it comes to the listed products, so purchase at your own risk.

Boulevard Apparel


Screenshot of Boulevard Apparel website homepage
Boulevard Apparel has wholesale clothing including menswear, activewear, and plus-size options.


LA-based Boulevard Apparel has wholesale clothing for men, women, and kids. Its clothing is priced at a 40% to 80% discount because it focuses on buying liquidated merchandise at steeply discounted prices. Boulevard ships internationally and will deliver any US order costing more than $299 for free.


If you’re looking for trendy wholesale clothing vendors, FashionGo has updated styles for men, women, and children. You can also purchase footwear, handbags, accessories, and even beauty items to round out your product collections.


IndiaMART arguably has one of the most diverse collections of wholesale clothing. Here, you can buy standard tops, bottoms, and one-pieces for men, women, and children. But you can also browse categories for industrial uniforms and safety gear, sarees and other traditional Indian designs, embroidered apparel, and even unisex designs. That doesn’t even scratch the surface in terms of accessories, footwear, and other complementary products.

MX Wholesale

MX Wholesale has a range of products across all kinds of categories, clothing being one of them. It sells all kinds of apparel, including men’s and women’s, outerwear, knitwear, undergarments, and even accessories. You can also find novelty and seasonal items. The most affordable shipping options are to the UK, though MX Wholesale also has international delivery. You can save more with pallet delivery and get free shipping if your order is big enough.



Screenshot of OrangeShine website homepage
OrangeShine has fashions for men, women, and children.


OrangeShine’s homepage is dominated by women’s fashions, but the wholesaler has clothing for men and children too, not to mention footwear, accessories, handbags, and beauty products. Though based in LA, it ships all over the globe.


Wholesale7 is a China-based online wholesale clothing vendor. It has men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, so there’s something for every kind of customer. Wholesale7 is one of the more affordable options, and it has several ongoing promos and discounts at most times. It also offers dropshipping.

Women’s wholesale clothing vendors

Bloom Wholesale


Screenshot of Bloom Wholesale website homepage
Bloom Wholesale has tons of up-to-date fashions for women.


If you’re in need of wholesale women’s clothing, Bloom is worth checking out. It has both regular and plus-size options, as well as a few accessories to choose from. Based in the heart of LA’s Fashion District, you can expect trendy pieces with no order minimums. Bloom also has dropshipping—subscription-based and with a limited number of spots.

Catwalk Wholesale

Next on this list of wholesale clothing vendors is Catwalk Wholesale. The UK-based company sells fashion-forward pieces, including tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and dresses. Unlike many other suppliers, you can purchase individual items, as opposed to packs with multiple units. It ships globally, and there’s no order minimum to worry about.

CC Wholesale Clothing

CC Wholesale Clothing is another of the wholesale apparel vendors specializing in women’s fashion. Its collection includes standard items, as well as plus-size and accessories. It ships internationally and has a $100 order minimum. You can also hire it for dropshipping or to create a turnkey ecommerce site—the latter priced at just $99—though it’s best to go with something more customizable, like Shopify.

City Goddess


Screenshot of City Goddess website homepage
City Goddess focuses on fashion-forward wholesale clothing for women.


City Goddess is one of the best fashion wholesale vendors for high-style, on-trend women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Expect lots of dresses, going-out styles, and formal wear. You can order individual units, packs of the same unit, or assorted packs if you want to test out a range of their products and styles. There’s an order minimum of £150, and City Goddess will ship internationally.

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Magnolia Fashion is another wholesale boutique clothing supplier that carries only women’s apparel. Sizing is straightforward: small, medium, large, or one-size-fits-all, along with a plus-size section. You can also find footwear and accessories. The wholesaler has all its products on its website, and you can also visit the Miami showroom to browse and shop in person. And it ships internationally.

Sugarlips Wholesale


Screenshot of Sugarlips website homepage
Sugarlips has lots of trendy styles for women.


Sugarlips has humble beginnings. Originally a small sweater manufacturer based out of California, the brand has grown into a full wholesale manufacturing operation since 2002. It now distributes a full line of women’s apparel to department stores and boutiques around the world. It’s known for its seamless designs and “hip urban styling.” It ships worldwide and has no order minimums.

Tasha Apparel

Next on the list is Tasha Apparel, one of the top US-based clothing vendors for boutiques. Tasha only has women’s and girls’ styles, so you’ll need to find men’s or boys’ products from a different supplier. Shipping within the US is free for orders over $300, and it also does dropshipping, if that’s a better fit for your clothing business plan and model.

Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square offers discounted women’s and children’s clothing. You’ll find standard and plus-sizes, as well as jewelry and other accessories. You can purchase items in bundles of three or six and ship internationally to select countries, though it’s based in the US.

Wholesale children’s clothing vendors

Chase USA International


Screenshot of Chase USA International website homepage
Chase USA International has a particularly impressive selection of kids’ clothes.


If you’re looking for variety, look no further than Chase USA International. The wholesaler specializes in styles for boys and girls but also caters to men and women, with a constant stream of new arrivals. Though most of its sales happen online, you can visit its physical showroom in California if you want to see the operation for yourself. Order minimums are just $500, so it’s low-risk to give them a try.

Direct Discount Clothing

An affordable wholesale clothing vendor, Direct Discount Clothing has styles for the whole family, including an abundance of apparel for kids and babies. You can find tons of options for everyone—t-shirts, pajamas, swimwear, footwear, and accessories. The UK-based wholesaler also ships internationally.


KisKissing is a clothing supplier of designs for boys, girls, babies, and moms. It also has matching sets for the whole family, including sizes for men and women. The UK-based supplier dropships, has no order minimum, and ships orders all over the world.



Screenshot of PrettyKid website homepage
PrettyKid has apparel for boys, girls, babies, and moms.


PrettyKid offers only kids’ clothing and apparel for pregnancy and new moms. It includes options for boys, girls, and babies, as well as trending seasonal styles. Customize your children’s clothing design or use one of its existing ones. PrettyKid also offers dropshipping and varying order minimums, depending on the product.

Wholesale fitness apparel vendors

Activewear Manufacturer

Activewear Manufacturer is a supplier with a specific niche in fitness apparel. It serves merchants in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, and offers customize designs for men and women doing a variety of activities. The supplier offers both wholesale and private label.


US-based Alanic specializes in activewear—things for the outdoors, the gym, or playing sports—but also has casual and custom clothing options. You’ll find wholesale clothing for women, men, and kids, as well as accessories for the same demographics. It also does private labeling.

Fitness Clothing


Screenshot of Fitness Clothing website homepage
Fitness Clothing has styles for all types of sports and physical activities.


Niching into activewear, Fitness Clothing sets itself apart from similar vendors with transparency into its manufacturing process. Options include clothing for men and women undertaking activities such as swimming, yoga, gym workouts, and more. You can also tap into its private labeling. As a popular wholesale apparel company, Fitness Clothing has facilities in nine countries and ships to 55 countries around the world, so it’s likely to have an option for you.

Gym Clothes

Perhaps the name says it all, but Gym Clothes offers a selection of wholesale activewear for men and women. You can add your brand logo and customized text to make the designs your own. Gym Clothes also sells complementary accessories, like athletic socks, duffle bags, and water bottles.

How to find wholesale clothing vendors

Finding a wholesale clothing supplier can feel intimidating—you’re not alone there. It’s all about finding the right partner for your business and your customers. Here are some tips:

Look for a wholesaler online

Check wholesale sites you already know or have researched. Though you might have purchased different kinds of products from them in the past, they might also have clothing for sale. You can use a marketplace like Handshake, which features makers and suppliers who have been carefully handpicked for their quality products.

Embrace an in-person search

If you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has a decent manufacturing and/or fashion industry—like Los Angeles or New York City—visit local showrooms to see what catches your attention. Going local is likely to get you more affordable and convenient shipping options. You can also travel to places with excellent clothing manufacturing to source options in-person.

Research reviews

Just because a wholesaler and its products look great doesn’t mean that’s actually the case. You want to hear from real-life merchants and their experiences working with the suppliers you’re considering. Google around to find out what people say, and pay extra attention to red flags and complaints.

Remember to check information about shipping and order minimums. Some suppliers only ship locally or to select international locations, while others will ship almost anywhere. For international shipping, remember to consider customs and duties (not to mention the potential for additional delays). It’s also important to inquire about order minimums, especially at the start. You might not feel comfortable making a big inventory investment with a new vendor, in which case small order minimums are ideal.

How to negotiate with wholesale clothing vendors

The door is almost always open to negotiations when it comes to doing business with wholesale clothing distributors. Keep the following in mind when finalizing your agreements.

Understand market prices

Before entering negotiations with wholesale clothing vendors, get a good grasp of market prices for the specific items you want to purchase. Research current retail prices, competitor prices, and industry standards to understand the price range. This knowledge will help you negotiate effectively and ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Build strong relationships

Building a strong and positive relationship with your wholesale clothing vendors is essential for long-term success. Communication is key. Regularly stay in touch with your suppliers to discuss orders, issues, and potential opportunities. Be respectful, professional, and responsive in your interactions. A good relationship can lead to better deals, priority treatment, and even exclusive offerings.

Craft a win-win deal

Always aim for a win-win outcome. Both parties should benefit from the deal. Be prepared to compromise, but also know your limits and the minimum terms that are acceptable to you. Negotiate terms such as pricing, order quantities, payment terms, and shipping arrangements. Always document the agreed-upon terms in writing to avoid misunderstandings.

Moving forward with your clothing business

Finding the right suppliers for your clothing business requires work upfront, but when you’ve found the perfect match, the ROI is significant. Always remember to vet your suppliers and do your due diligence to ensure you’re not only getting high-quality products that will please your customers, but also not losing money to a scam—with nothing to show for it.

Wholesale clothing vendors FAQ

How do you buy new clothes wholesale?

Identify the type of clothing you want to purchase and research potential wholesale clothing vendors. Reach out to wholesalers to get more information about placing a test order. Negotiate terms such as pricing, order quantities, and shipping arrangements with the wholesalers. Once you’ve agreed on terms, place your wholesale clothing orders. When you receive the clothing items, inspect them for quality and ensure they meet your expectations. Start selling the clothing through your business channels.

Can you buy bulk from Shein?

No, you can’t buy bulk from Shein. While, technically speaking, you can place a large order, Shein is not a wholesale clothing vendor. Instead, it sells directly to consumers and doesn’t offer bulk discounts or traditional wholesale relationships.

Is wholesale clothing profitable?

Yes, wholesale clothing is profitable, if managed effectively. Profitability depends on factors like product quality, pricing strategy, overhead costs, marketing efforts, and market demand. Successful wholesale clothing businesses often focus on offering unique or high-quality products, pricing competitively, and building strong customer relationships.

Where does Fashion Nova buy their clothes?

Fashion Nova gets its clothes from offshore wholesale clothing vendors, as well as some of its own factories and facilities.


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