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Sensory-friendly clothing for adults: 15 tagless, seamless retailers

For those who are sensory-sensitive, finding the right place to shop for clothes can be a challenge. Something as small as a tag or a seam may be the difference between having the ability to focus and fighting to remain on task during the day. While there is growing awareness of kids clothing with sensory-friendly features, in many ways, adult brands are still struggling to catch up.

As a woman with ADHD whose circle of loved ones includes many neurodivergent people, this topic is especially close to my heart. Prior to my diagnosis, certain elements and textures of clothing bothered me, but I could never explain why. I learned to hide this tendency and adapted my clothing choices to items that best fit my needs without ever fully understanding why I was doing so.

Now, I actively search for clothing that’s sensory-friendly when making purchases. While my needs are looser than many neurodivergent folks, the purchase process has opened my eyes to just how challenging it can be to shop for sensory-focused clothing items as an adult.

Keep reading to learn 15 of the best sensory-friendly retailers to shop, recommended by those who understand the struggle of being sensory-sensitive firsthand.

What is sensory-friendly clothing?

First, let’s pause to clarify what we mean by “sensory-friendly” clothing. Though there are no official guidelines, applicable items generally feature one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Super soft fabric: Modal fabric is particularly popular among these brands, as is bamboo-based fabric.
  • Tagless: These items either lack physical tags or have especially discreet and soft tags. For some, printed-on tags may cause more irritation than the physical tags, while for others the physical tags may be unbearable in any form.
  • Stretchy waistbands: This includes items you may not expect, such as jeans, slacks, and skirts.
  • Loose fit: This often means avoiding clothing that clings or bunches, and focusing on clothes in which a person can move any way they want without interference.
  • Seamless: This can mean having no seams, flattened seams, or seams that have been fixed on the outside of the clothing so that none touch the skin.
  • Compression: This can apply particularly to undergarments and socks but can also be a feature with clothing items.

Though sensory-friendly clothing is most often associated with neurodivergent shoppers, such as those with ADHD and autism, many sensory-friendly elements are beneficial to those with chronic illnesses, chronic pain, and other sensitivities. Plus, as many brands have discovered over the last few years, very few consumers are going to object to features like less annoying tags, fewer seams, and softer fabric.

When pulling this list together, we selected stores that serve one to all of these needs within their lineups. Some are brands specifically created by and for neurodivergent individuals, while others are household names that may surprise you with their sensory-friendly clothing options.

Sensory-friendly casual clothes

1. Uniqlo

Product shot of navy blue winter puffer coat from Uniqlo.

Reviewed / Uniqlo

Uniqlo clothing has a unique stretchy quality that provides necessary comfort.

Sensory smart solutions: Loose fit, soft fabric, seamless, stretchy fabric

Sizes: XXS-3XL

Uniqlo is a beloved sensory clothing brand because of its soft, stretchy fabric focused on comfort. Though there isn’t a specific section of the site dedicated to seamless or tagless clothing, many of the brand’s offerings are one or both. Whether you’re looking for something for work, home, outerwear, or underwear, Uniqlo has you covered.

Shop Uniqlo

2. Sam, Sensory & More

Person leaning up against walls indoors with both hands in pocket.

Reviewed / Sam, Sensory & More

Sam, Sensory & More takes the phrase “when you look good, you feel good” very seriously.

Sensory smart solutions: Soft fabric, outside seams, printed tag, sensory-sensitive accessories

Sizes: S-XL

Sam, Sensory & More was founded by a highly sensitive person who wanted to create clothing that looked great, was made well, and—most importantly—felt great to wear. You can read more about her story here. At Sam, you can find comfortable, casual clothing as well as accessories like fidgets and weighted collars.

Since this isn’t a United States-based company, shipping might get a little pricey for those ordering only one or two items. However, it’s still well worth the look for those trying to find the perfect comfort clothes for themselves or their loved ones.

Shop Sam, Sensory & More

3. Target

Model smiling while wearing white compression tank top and leggings.

Reviewed / All In Motion

Target offers a wide range of adaptive and sensory-friendly clothing, from denim with zipper-free waistbands to shirts with larger buttons for easy fastening.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless, flat seams, elastic waistbands, adaptive elements

Sizes: XXS-4X

Even the largest stores have begun to take notice of the need for sensory-friendly clothing, and Target is one of those established retailers leading the charge. The company sells a kid-specific brand called Cat & Jack that has great variety, but it has also incorporated sensory-friendly solutions into its men’s and women’s lines too.

There is a wide range of seamless underwear and bras available, as well as several pieces of adaptive clothing that add helpful elements, like side zippers, in extra-comfortable designs.

Shop men’s clothing at Target

Shop Women’s clothing at Target

4. Walmart

Model wearing black, long-sleeve adaptive shirt.

Reviewed / Ovidis

Beyond seamless undergarments, Walmart sells adaptive clothing that’s great for people who may have a limited range of motion in one or both arms.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless, loose fit, elastic waistbands, compression

Sizes: XS-3XL

Walmart is another surprising brand on this list, but, when it comes to affordable prices, it’s hard to beat. While it might take a bit of digging to find the clothing that’s right for you, there’s a variety of sensory-friendly options available. From seamless to tag-free and tear-away tags, there’s something here for everyone. Like Target, Walmart also has some pieces with adaptive elements, such as extra openings or zippers.

Shop men’s clothing at Walmart

Shop women’s clothing at Walmart

5. Primary

Person smiling while wearing thin green puffer jacket.

Reviewed / Primary

Primary has a collection dedicated to adult shoppers, and pets too!

Sensory smart solutions: Soft fabric, printed tags, comfortably snug fit

Sizes: XS-XXL

Those with children might already be familiar with Primary, but what many don’t realize is that this parent-approved shop has great options for adults as well. While its clothing isn’t made specifically for sensory-sensitive shoppers, many of the desired traits exist in its lineup.

From tagless shirts to flat seams, this business is a great place to get all your favorite comfortable staples. Though its items don’t offer true compression, their slim fit ensures the fabric doesn’t slide or flap around in a way that might be distracting. Overall, Primary is a great option for most sensory-sensitive consumers.

Shop Primary

6. Yoga Jeans

Model stands with hand on their hip while wearing white tank top and capri denim jeans.

Reviewed / Yoga Jeans

Although jeans are made of denim, they don’t have to be uncomfortable. Yoga Jeans put comfort first.

Sensory smart solutions: Soft fabrics, stretch in fabric

Sizes: 24-33

As a person living in the Midwest, jeans have always been part of the unspoken uniform of my life. Unfortunately, the typical pair of blue jeans is also a sensory nightmare.

Imagine how excited I was to discover Yoga Jeans, a Canadian company that focuses on the combination of comfort and fashion. Though the brand’s pants look like standard high-quality jeans at first glance, the fabric flexibility, breathability, and softness make them stand apart.

Shop Yoga Jeans

7. Chantilly

Two people smile at each other in front of white shingled wall.

Reviewed / Chantilly

You can have an individualized shopping experience through Chantilly’s custom-made clothing option.

Sensory smart solutions: Stamped tags, stretchy fabric, smooth seams, soft fabric

Sizes: XXS-4X

Chantilly is a clothing company built around the needs of sensory-sensitive individuals. It was started by a disabled, neurodivergent mom trying to problem solve for her own family’s needs and has since grown into a company that prides itself on creating the best quality items for all types of sensory-sensitive consumers.

Chantilly focuses on comfort clothes, from underwear to sweatshirts, and you can find just about anything you might need for a casual day. You can even custom order certain types of clothes for a more exact fit. Each item is tested by those with sensory sensitivity, so you can shop confidently knowing these clothes were made with comfort for all in mind.

Shop at Chantilly

Sensory-friendly dress clothes

8. Eileen Fisher

Model wearing white linen pants and teal button-down shirt.

Reviewed / Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher makes clothes that are loose, flowy, and sustainably designed.

Sensory smart solutions: Loose fit, soft fabric, stretchy waistbands

Sizes: XXS-3X

Though Eileen Fisher isn’t a brand specifically created with sensory sensitivity in mind, it’s one that’s deeply loved by many neurodivergent and chronically ill consumers. This sustainable clothing brand features simple, clean shapes and a loose fit that makes each outfit fashionable but flowy. Though it’s pricier than some of the others on this list, its quality and comfort will be well worth it for many shoppers.

Shop Eileen Fisher

9. Universal Standard

Models posing together in matching heather gray tops and blue denim jeans.

Reviewed / Universal-Standard

If you’ve ever experienced a pesky tag rubbing against your skin, you’ll appreciate Universal-Standard’s soft-feel tags.

Sensory smart solutions: Soft fabric, loose fit, soft tags, and printed tags

Sizes: 00-40

Universal Standard designers pride themselves on putting inclusive design at the center of their brand. Rather than split their sizes by “standard” and “plus” like so many clothing lines do, this company assigns each a number and offers every piece in every size.

Though there’s no easy way to search for sensory-friendly clothing on the Universal Standard website, many of its items will be well-suited to those shoppers. The tags used are softer than most tags and are printed on some garments instead of attached. The fabric is also high quality and likely to be comfortable to those sensitive to fabric texture.
Shop Universal Standard

10. Betabrand

Model wearing gray denim jeans and blue denim button-down shirt.

Reviewed / Betabrand

Betabrand has a huge collection of stylish clothes that are work appropriate, so you can wear them inside and outside the office.

Sensory smart solutions: Soft fabrics, loose fit, stretch fit, stretchy waistband Sizes: XS-3X

If you’re looking for a retailer that offers sensory-friendly work outfits, Betabrand is a great place to try. Though its clothing isn’t specific to sensory-sensitive individuals, a lot of the overall style and design lends itself well to those needs.

Much of the clothing brand’s lineup includes simple silhouettes with loose, soft fabric. The virtual storefront also offers garments like slacks with stretchy waistbands, ensuring you’ll look professional while still feeling your best.

Shop Betabrand

Sensory-friendly activewear and underwear

11. Under Armour

Model wearing athletic Under Armour sports bra and leggings.

Reviewed / Under Armour

Athletic wear is meant to be functional for exercise (so your workout routine won’t be interrupted). Under Armour has a fix.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless clothing, soft fabric, loose fit, stretchy fabric Sizes: S-3XL

Under Armour is a popular activewear shop with a strong selection for those who are sensory sensitive. Its selection of seamless options is extensive and ranges from everything from t-shirts to bras. Clothing items also tend to feature soft and stretchy fabric that will feel comfortable to most consumers.

Shop Under Armour

12. Liberare

Model wearing black bra and underwear set with hands in their hair while sitting in wheelchair.

Reviewed / Liberare

Liberare’s intimates feature magnets, Velcro, and buttons.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless, soft fabric, adaptive elements

Sizes: 2XS-3XL

For many, clothing that is sensory-friendly and adaptive are not mutually exclusive needs. Liberare is a great option for consumers who want both, as they offer a range of underwear that’s been thoughtfully designed for the needs of those with disabilities.

The brand’s frequent use of soft bamboo fabric and seamless design make this the place to be for sensory-sensitive shoppers whether they have adaptive needs or not. As an added bonus, the prices for these pieces are extremely competitive compared to non-adaptive clothing.

Shop Liberare at American Eagle

13. Hanes

Model wearing navy crew-neck t-shirt and plaid boxers.

Reviewed / Hanes

The Hanes brand is known for its high-quality undergarments you can count on.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless, compression, printed tags

Sizes: 2XS-6XL

Though Hanes is perhaps best known for its socks and underwear, the brand offers a wide variety of undergarments and comfortable clothing. The sheer breadth of styles makes this storefront a great place to browse for those who need sensory-friendly clothes, as it lets you find exactly the right style for your needs.

The catalog offers a wide variety of seamless, compression, and tag-free options, though they may take some extra searching to locate on the site. Besides its undergarments, Hanes also has some great options for loose-fit comfort clothes like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and leggings.

Shop Hanes

14. Fruit of the Loom

Model wearing burgundy jogger pants and sneakers.

Reviewed / Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom sells more than just budget-friendly socks and underwear.

Sensory smart solutions: Seamless, tag-free, compression

Sizes: S-5XL

Fruit of the Loom is another household name many will already be familiar with. Though it’s known primarily for its underwear and socks, this brand sports a variety of comfort and leisure attire as well. With its wide range, broad distribution in physical stores, and low prices, this is a brand that is well worth taking the time to browse.

Shop Fruit of the Loom

15. Bombas

Model wearing burgundy short-sleeved shirt.

Reviewed / Bombas

Bombas’ mission is to create thoughtfully designed items that benefit those in need.

Sensory smart solutions: Printed tag, seamless, bump-free socks

Sizes: XS-2XL

The Bombas brand aims to create comfortable clothing for everyone, and they don’t falter in that mission. Its socks avoid toe bunching, its underwear offers seam-free options, and with all of their clothes, soft fabric is paramount.

These designers don’t just pay attention to how clothing looks when you first put it on, but instead have tested solutions for when you’re actually wearing it day after day, such as innovative ways to keep socks in place and to stop clothes from pilling. As an added bonus, every purchase you make leads to a donation of thoughtfully designed clothing to those who need it most.

Shop Bombas


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