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96.3 Per Cent of Women Agree Fabric of Maternity Dresses Matters When it Comes to Comfort During Pregnancy: Mylo Survey

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From altering and resorting to oversized clothes to banking on maternity dresses and swearing by maternity wear, pregnant women have come a long way. In recent years, maternity dresses have become a wardrobe staple for expecting and breastfeeding mothers worldwide. Given their ability to flatter changing shapes, breathable fabrics and breastfeeding zippers, maternity dresses have won the hearts of countless women during this special phase of their lives, and in turn, help enhance their comfort and confidence.

Considering the growing popularity of maternity dresses, Mylo, a leading full-stack pregnancy and parenting platform, recently conducted an online survey to ascertain the significance of fabric selection when it comes to maternity fashion. The survey sought responses from 1,637 expecting and postpartum moms and provided valuable insights into preferences, considerations, and factors influencing their selection of maternity dresses.

According to survey findings, a whopping 96.3 per cent of women considered the fabric factor a crucial element when selecting their maternity dresses. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, 48.3% of the participants gave the fabric of maternity dresses a 10 on their list of priorities. Besides the fabric, the print, length and style of the maternity dress were also paramount to the expecting and breastfeeding mothers who purchased maternity dresses.

In response to the survey findings, Shaveta Gupta, the Head of Content & Community at Mylo, said, “Pregnancy and parenthood are two incredible journeys filled with joy and anticipation, but they also come with their unique set of challenges. As an expecting or breastfeeding mother, finding clothing that not only accommodates your changing body but also provides the highest comfort is of utmost importance. In this regard, fabric and comfort have clearly dethroned style and appeal for most women when selecting their maternity dresses.”

“As we explore their perspectives and comments, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the fabrics that best cater to the needs of pregnant women, helping expectant mothers make informed choices in their quest for both style and comfort. Their valuable insights have shed light on the significance of fabric choices and how it can profoundly influence overall comfort during this transformative time. Mylo hopes to leverage the insights gained to improve the design and functionality of our maternity clothing,” she added.

The survey further revealed that 95.3% of participants preferred cotton as their go-to fabric in maternity dresses followed by viscose rayon and linen. Going hand in hand with the type of fabric were the fabric properties that expecting and breastfeeding mothers sought in their maternity clothing. Fabrics that were breathable, hypoallergenic, stretchable and durable emerged as the most coveted fabrics. Additionally, 73.2% of the women favored low- maintenance fabrics that don’t require special washing and ironing.

The survey further asked participants to reveal the benefits of choosing the right fabric for a maternity dress. Stretches with the changing body shape, feels gentle on the skin, cools down the body temperature and wear-resistant enough to last the pregnancy were the prominent benefits listed by the participants. Gauging the buying behavior of the survey participants, Mylo also asked participants to share the brands they preferred while buying maternity dresses. 52% of expecting and breastfeeding moms listed Mylo as their numero uno brand for buying maternity dresses.

The findings from Mylo’s recent survey have illuminated a compelling and unanimous sentiment among expecting and postpartum moms – the fabric factor is undeniably vital for comfort during pregnancy. With an astonishing 96.3 per cent of participants emphasizing the significance of fabric choices in their maternity dresses, it is evident that women are seeking clothing that not only flatters their changing bodies but also prioritizes their well-being.

Mylo aims to bring about a future where comfort, fashion, and the joy of motherhood seamlessly intertwine, making the journey to motherhood even more memorable and empowering for every woman.

About Mylo
Mylo is a trusted companion that helps young parents raise happy & healthy families through its innovative new-age solutions. Mylo does that by providing personalized, doctor-vetted content tailored to their pregnancy journey, an empathetic community of 10M+ parents & experts, and a range of thoughtfully designed & science-backed products for women and babies. Mylo fosters a space to connect, engage, learn, and give back. Last year, Mylo raised $17 mn in Series B funding and is backed by ITC, W Health Ventures and Endiya Partners.

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