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10 Best AI Fashion Designer Tools (June 2024)


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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the fusion of creativity and technology opens up unprecedented avenues for designers. The latest revolution comes in the form of artificial intelligence (AI), transforming how we conceive, create, and customize fashion. AI is not just a tool; it’s a creative partner that offers endless possibilities to those who dare to imagine and innovate.

Our journey into the realm of AI in fashion brings us to a curated selection of the 10 best AI fashion designer tools. These tools are more than just software; they are gateways to a new era of design, where intuition meets data, style blends with algorithmic precision, and artistic vision is augmented by machine intelligence.

As we delve into each tool, we’ll explore how AI is redefining the boundaries of fashion design. Whether you’re a seasoned designer looking to incorporate AI into your workflow or an enthusiast curious about the future of fashion, this guide will help you navigate the exciting landscape of AI-assisted fashion design.

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of fashion, The New Black emerges as a groundbreaking platform at the confluence of fashion design and AI. This platform is a boon for designers and brands, enabling them to bring unique and original fashion designs to life in just seconds.

With The New Black, a simple description of a concept is all it takes for the AI to visualize and create it, offering an unprecedented level of customization and speed that outstrips traditional design methodologies.

This platform’s remarkable feature lies in its ability to consistently generate completely unique designs, ensuring that designers’ originality and creativity remain at the forefront. The New Black caters to a wide array of design categories, from cutting-edge footwear and luxurious handbags to elaborate 3D-printed wedding dresses.


  • Unique Design Creation: Ensures that each design generated is distinctive, preserving the originality of creators.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Accommodates a diverse array of fashion items, including sneakers, luxury handbags, and 3D-printed attire.
  • Rapid Design Iteration: Facilitates quick modifications and iterations, allowing users to adapt and evolve designs with ease.
  • Photo Upload and Enhancement: Enables users to upload existing design photos for AI-enhanced tweaking and transformation.
  • High-Definition Conversion: Transforms low-resolution images into high-definition versions swiftly.
  • Organizational Tools: Offers categorization features for organizing designs into collections for better visualization and planning.
  • Community Engagement: Fosters a vibrant community of AI creators, showcasing a variety of AI-generated fashion designs and serving as a source of daily inspiration.

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Off/Script, self-described as “The Kickstarter for Fashion,” is an AI-powered mobile app transforming the fashion and design landscape by enabling users to bring their product ideas to life. Users upload mock-ups of fashion, sneaker, and home goods designs, which the community votes on. Selected ideas, based on votes, enter a campaign phase where they are assigned a selling price and minimum order quantity for production.

This innovative platform offers a unique blend of creativity and technology, allowing creators to retain all IP rights while benefiting from Off/Script’s end-to-end management of manufacturing, quality assurance, and shipping. It stands out by directly integrating with manufacturers to ensure feasibility and optimal matching with production capabilities, democratizing access to manufacturing resources for creators worldwide.

  • Empowers Creators: Users can upload mock-ups of fashion, sneakers, and home goods ideas, leveraging AI to bring concepts to life.
  • Community Driven: A voting system allows the community to select which products proceed to the campaign stage for production.
  • Creator Benefits: Designers keep all intellectual property rights to their creations and earn from the sales of their products.
  • End-to-End Production Management: Off/Script handles the entire production process, from manufacturing to shipping, ensuring quality.
  • Direct Manufacturer Integration: The platform’s unique AI pairs each concept with the ideal manufacturer, streamlining the path from design to market.

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Image: Ablo

Ablo stands out in the realm of AI fashion design tools, aimed at revolutionizing the industry by enabling businesses to create and scale their own brands. It offers a unique blend of features that surpass the limitations of traditional fashion design software, facilitating seamless brand creation and co-creation among a diverse range of creators and fashion designers.

This AI platform is particularly valuable for businesses looking to scale operations, offering advanced design capabilities that push the boundaries of traditional fashion design. Ablo’s mission is to democratize design, making fashion design accessible to a broader audience and redefining the industry’s landscape.


  • Scalability for Fashion Businesses: Provides AI-driven solutions to scale fashion brands and manufacturing processes.
  • Seamless Co-Creation: Facilitates collaboration among creators for efficient brand development.
  • Advanced Design Capabilities: Leverages AI to overcome traditional design limitations.
  • Democratization of Fashion Design: Aims to make fashion design accessible to a wider range of creators.

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YesPlz stands out as a next-generation AI-powered fashion tool, reshaping the landscape of eCommerce product discovery and personalization. It introduces an interactive, visual discovery tool that allows customers to explore various fashion attributes, including style, fit, design, and mood. This innovative approach enhances the online shopping experience, making it more engaging and tailored to individual preferences.

The platform’s personalization engine uses fashion AI to learn shopper behavior, preferences, and tastes. It provides fresh picks and daily fashion drops, keeping shoppers engaged with new and relevant selections.

A standout feature of YesPlz is its AI-powered virtual personal shopper, the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist. This tool is revolutionizing online fashion shopping by using natural language processing and advanced computer vision to deliver truly personalized style recommendations.


  • AI-Powered Virtual Personal Shopper: Offers personalized style advice through the ChatGPT Fashion Stylist.
  • Interactive Visual Discovery Tool: Enhances product discovery with an intuitive and engaging interface.
  • Personalization Engine: Learns shopper behavior to provide tailored fashion picks.
  • Advanced Image Tagging Technology: Ideal for online retailers seeking to deliver precise product recommendations.

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Image: Botika

Botika emerges as a cutting-edge AI-powered software platform designed for online apparel retailers. Its primary goal is to produce high-quality, hyper-realistic clothing product photos in a quick and cost-effective manner. The platform leverages generative AI technology to create a diverse range of on-model images, significantly reducing the need for traditional photoshoots, thereby saving time and costs.

The platform is compatible with leading eCommerce platforms and can generate images reflecting a wide spectrum of diversity, including ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, and background. Botika’s mission is to assist retailers in efficiently managing their collections, optimizing stock movement, minimizing returns, and tailoring photos for specific demographics like location, age, and body type.


  • Generative AI Technology: Creates diverse, realistic on-model images.
  • Diversity in Representation: Offers customization in terms of ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, and more.
  • Streamlined Marketing Process: Eliminates complex submission specifications and hardware requirements.
  • Global Accessibility: Enables worldwide use, catering to a global audience.
  • Credit-Based System: Provides a convenient method for submitting and editing product photos.

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Image: ZMO

ZMO is a pioneering AI-powered platform that generates high-quality, on-model images for fashion brands. This tool employs advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create realistic images of clothing items on a variety of models, eliminating the need for traditional photoshoots and the associated costs and time.

Key features of ZMO include the generation of unlimited on-model images with simple product photos, significantly reducing costs. The platform is both fast and efficient, allowing users to visualize their products on models in a matter of minutes. It emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, offering a realistic view of products on an ethnically diverse range of digital models. Additionally, ZMO reduces costs by removing the need for photographers, models, studios, and post-processing.


  • Unlimited On-Model Images: Creates endless images with diverse models.
  • Rapid Processing: Visualizes products on models quickly and efficiently.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Features a range of ethnically diverse digital models.
  • Cost Reduction: Significantly lowers the expenses related to model photography.
  • Customizable Options: Provides flexibility in changing models and looks without extra costs.
  • Versatile AI Image Generator: Offers an easy-to-use generator for various image styles.

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Image: CALA

CALA positions itself as a leading fashion supply chain interface, integrating design, development, production, and logistics into a single, unified digital platform. It stands out as the first and only apparel design and production tool that harnesses next-generation artificial intelligence to facilitate the creation process.

This comprehensive platform is designed for collaboration between a brand’s own team, manufacturers, and CALA’s in-house experts, streamlining the entire design and production journey. CALA’s AI-powered tools generate new design ideas from natural text descriptions or uploaded reference images, fostering creativity and originality in design.


  • AI-Powered Design & Collaboration: Employs AI tools for generating innovative design ideas.
  • Unified Design Process: Integrates every stage of design, from ideation to e-commerce enablement and order fulfillment.
  • Global Network of Partners: Features a network of world-class manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Efficient Logistics Network: Manages inventory pickup, customs clearance, and delivery.
  • Wide Product Range: Offers expertise in a vast array of product categories.
  • Evolutionary Features: Continually adds new, purpose-built features for fashion brands.
  • Mobile App for Supply Chain Management: Introduces a mobile app for end-to-end product creation collaboration.

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Image: Designovel

Designovel is an AI-driven fashion design tool focusing on trend forecasting and design recommendation, essential for fashion designers and brands aiming to stay ahead in the industry. It offers a range of solutions, including trend analysis, forecasting, and market sensing for product and service planning, all powered by its advanced fashion AI world.

The tool utilizes generative AI, employing techniques like metric learning and multimodal embedding to create content that aligns with user needs. Moreover, Designovel’s analysis and reporting service offers a SaaS solution that provides valuable insights, aiding users in making informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting: Provides insights into emerging fashion trends and market dynamics.
  • Generative AI Techniques: Creates tailored content based on metric learning and multimodal embedding.
  • SaaS Solution for Analysis and Reporting: Delivers actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

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Image: TeeAI

TeeAI is an innovative AI-powered tool specifically designed for generating unique and customizable t-shirt designs. Utilizing AI image generation technology, it is trained on a vast database of images and patterns to create high-quality, accurate designs swiftly.

TeeAI caters to individuals seeking to express their creativity through personalized t-shirts and businesses in the custom apparel industry looking to streamline their design process and offer a diverse range of creative options to customers.

The tool boasts several key features such as AI-generated designs, a user-friendly interface, a “meet your personal designer” option, an extensive online catalog, and no sign-up requirement, making it accessible and easy to use.

TeeAI is perfect for creating custom t-shirts for personal use, generating unique designs for merchandise, and quickly crafting high-quality designs for events or promotions.


  • AI-Generated Designs: Offers unique, AI-created t-shirt designs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensures an accessible and easy design process.
  • Personal Designer Feature: Provides personalized design assistance.
  • Online Catalog: Offers a wide range of design options and inspirations.
  • No Sign-Up Requirement: Allows immediate access to the tool’s features.

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Stylista is revolutionizing the future of personalized fashion, making expert styling accessible to everyone, anywhere. Our AI-powered app provides tailored outfit recommendations and styling advice based on your unique style.

Stylista offers personalized styling for any occasion, providing outfit inspiration and advice powered by advanced AI. Users can explore fun and curated outfits tailored to their personal style, with recommendations from our intelligent system. The app also makes shopping easy, allowing users to shop for their favorite fashion brands and discover new ones with just a click.

In addition to shopping, users can save their favorite outfits in a wishlist to revisit later or share with friends. Stylista helps you build a digital closet by automatically adding your purchases, enabling you to plan outfits on the go and keep track of your wardrobe.

At Stylista, we believe fashion is a unique expression of each individual’s personality and style. Our mission is to empower everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their outfits, providing personalized styling without the pressure to conform. Fashion is a language, and Stylista helps you speak it fluently.

  • Personalized styling and outfit inspiration for any occasion, powered by AI.
  • Curated outfit recommendations tailored to your unique style.
  • Easy shopping for favorite and new fashion brands with a single click.
  • Save and share your favorite outfits in a wishlist.
  • Build a digital closet automatically with your purchases, helping you plan outfits and track your wardrobe.

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Navigating the Future of Fashion with AI Tools

The emergence of AI in the fashion industry marks a transformative era, blending creativity with cutting-edge technology. Each of these AI fashion designer tools offers unique capabilities that cater to different aspects of fashion design, production, and personalization.

As we embrace this AI-driven future, these tools not only streamline various processes but also open new avenues for creativity, efficiency, and personalization in fashion.

Whether it’s for individual expression or for the needs of growing fashion brands, the versatility and innovation of these AI tools are reshaping the fashion landscape, making it more inclusive, dynamic, and responsive to changing trends and consumer preferences.


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