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Custom Clothing Expertly Crafted for Your Brand From Design to Production

Whether you’re launching a fledgling clothing brand or are part of a larger corporation looking to introduce brand-new product lines, you need to find the right clothing manufacturer for you.

Establishing the right kind of relationship with your manufacturer is vital, and the key to success is finding a business that can share your vision, and breathe life into it. Appareify can help transform your vision into reality.

Who is Appareify?

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Appareify is a business-to-business custom clothing manufacturer that established itself in 2017. Offering design and manufacturing services to businesses great and small, they have supplied custom clothing to hundreds of clients both on and off the high street.

From the initial design stages all the way through to manufacture and delivery, Appareify’s expertise can provide bespoke clothing solutions which are perfectly tailored to your brand.

Putting quality and design first, Appareify is proud to assist brands and businesses with their range of bespoke clothing. Leaving creative control in your hands, their team of experts can help fine-tune every detail from fabrics to costings and complete your order with a super fast turnaround.

How Can Appareify Serve Your Brand?


Appareify offers a comprehensive range of services to upscale your brand, including cut-and-sew manufacturing, private labeling, and OEM manufacturing to suit your needs. Its streamlined manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art machinery to fulfill any size order, on time and with impeccable quality.

Being a full-service and custom clothing manufacturer that is sustainability-minded, Appareify prides itself on sourcing biodegradable materials and fabrics to create its clothing.

Naturally, partnering with an eco-friendly manufacturer will pay dividends for your brand identity, and by promoting the use of such materials you’re making an ethical choice as well as a practical one.

Affordability is a key factor in the production process, and Appereify works with each client to ensure costs are kept manageable, and in line with the services being provided. They provide discounted services for bulk orders while ensuring that prices are affordable for smaller startup businesses.

By supplying services that cater to all budgets, Appareify can ensure that it maintains its diverse influence on the industry.

Appareify has assembled an industry-leading team of professionals to assist with every aspect of your order. Their skilled designers, apparel R&D professionals, and craftspeople can guide you through every step of the process, offering expert advice on fabrics, design choices, and pricing options.

With the benefit of their combined experience, Appareify’s team is committed to exceeding your expectations. And by working with some of the biggest suppliers in the industry (including Coats, JUKI, and YKK), Appareify can offer its customers access to the finest quality fabrics and materials to craft their range with.

Once you’ve given Appareify your requirements, they will take care of the rest. Your exact specifications will be followed to the letter, no matter how intricate. For a perfect finishing touch, you can choose to embellish your clothing with custom labeling too, to really make your brand pop.

With a competitively low minimum order quantity, they can support all types of businesses, big or small. And with a super-fast turnaround time of 7 to 20 working days, you won’t have to wait long for your custom orders to be fulfilled.

So for expertly crafted custom garments that place your brand a cut above the competition, why not choose Appareify?

Appareify’s Commitment to Sustainability

Appareify is passionate about sustainability, and dedicated to the use of ethically sourced, biodegradable materials such as bamboo and linen in the crafting of its clothing. It believes that by promoting an eco-friendly life cycle in the production of its clothes, that value is being added to it.

And of course, this value transfers to you and your brand when you choose to work with Appareify.

How to Get in Touch With Appareify

You can contact Appareify via their website or by emailing them at [email protected] to get things started.

Let Appareify know how they can help and they will get to work right away. Give them your requirements and you’ll receive their personalized support for your apparel needs. Their dedicated sales team will be happy to discuss all the relevant details with you, including designs, materials, quantities, and costs.

Once this initial information has been received, Appareify will craft a sample order for you to review. You’ll have the opportunity to make any adjustments or modifications to the design at this point before the final order is placed. Then, when (and only when) you’re 100% happy with the design, your order will be placed and production will begin.

And you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your order will be shipped and delivered on time.

Why Should You Choose Appareify?

Whether your brand is fresh out of the box or well established, and no matter if your business is small or large, Appareify has the infrastructure to cater to your needs. Why not let their industry-leading expertise guide you, and take advantage of the bespoke services that they offer?

Appareify is a sustainable custom clothing company that cares about you and your brand. And their passion will shine through with every order that they process. Quality custom clothing, beautifully finished, made and shipped to order, with a fast turnaround time. No matter if you’re looking to update one of your existing lines or craft a brand new one, you’ll love working with Appareify’s experts.

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