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The 5 Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers

As a fashion label owner, you know how crucial a custom clothing manufacturer is to your every day goals and long-term success.

It’s not just about an advanced set-up or a wide range of products. The right clothing partner should meet your big or small requirements and match your mindset to create the highest quality products that appeal to your customers.

We’ve made the task easier for you by curating this list of the five best custom clothing manufacturers. Comprising names reputed for their quality and trendsetting design, as well as their unique abilities and practices, you may find the right partner for your fashion business.

1. Appareify: Your Go-to Place for All Custom-Made Clothing

Appareify Website Home Page

Appareify is the brand for you to launch your fashion label. Appareify also makes a great partner if you’re looking for bulk quantities of the highest-quality custom-made clothing.

Indeed, no matter what your need or the size of the order, China-based Appareify is equipped to meet it to your complete satisfaction. Appareify’s flexible production set-up powered by new-age technologies and an extensive sourcing network, makes this possible every day.

This commitment to client delight and meeting your requirements reflects the vision of this progressive manufacturer—to cater to the production and procurement requirements of independent fashion brands, SMEs, and e-commerce retailers.

Supplying over 50 countries, Appareify is a renowned name in custom clothing and the preferred choice of quality and design-conscious fashion labels, including Dunhill, Metro, Tesco, and ASOS.

Appareify’s expertise spans a variety of custom clothing, including t-shirts, activewear, swimwear, leggings, jeans, loungewear, underwear, kid’s clothing, hoodies, and more. And with the mission to empower fashion startups, the company welcomes low-quantity orders if you’re launching your dream.

With a partner like Appareify, you are assured of stringent quality control at every stage, from product design to production. A passionate team of skilled fashion designers and manufacturing and R&D experts work in tandem to create comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting garments of superior standards. And they are delivered to you with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Indeed, Appareify is the go-to place you can rely on to take your fashion label sky-high.

Biloomi Fashion Website Home Page

Founded over 18 years ago, Biloomi Fashion is today India’s top-rated manufacturer and exporter. As a women-owned family business, Billoomi Fashion is passionate about fueling your success as its valued fashion partner.

A 100% custom clothing manufacturer specializing in high fashion, the company is equipped to create a variety of garments like swimwear, activewear, lingerie, beachwear, and t-shirts.

Moreover, you’ll find partnering with this earth-friendly company a pleasure, owing to its zero-waste policy and commitment to sustainable clothing manufacturing.

Operating on its mantra “Manufacturing Made Easy,” Biloomi Fashion caters to as low a MOQ as 25 pieces per color per style. So if you’re a small fashion business, a D2C brand, or just launching your label, you have the company’s support to source clothing products and fuel your growth.

3. Steve Apparel: The Choice of Small and Large Fashion Buyers

Steve Apparel Website Home Page

Founded in 2015, Ohio-based Steve Apparel is well-known as a suitable custom clothing manufacturer for both small and large brands.

Having supplied more than 1500 customers globally, Steve Apparel accepts a low MOQ of 50 pieces per design and is the one-stop shop for many successful fashion startups.

You can tie up with Steve Apparel to create high-quality hoodies, jackets, kid’s wear, jeans, underwear, t-shirts, lingerie, swimwear, leggings, hats, and more.

With the world’s best raw material suppliers as its partners, Steve Apparel’s seamless procurement process is second to none. Moreover, the company also offers the best products through its in-house digital and screen fabric printing and embroidery set-up.

4. Hawthorn: The Perfect Blend of Sustainability and Tech-Enabled Manufacturing

Hawthorn Website Home Page

If you are looking for a custom clothing partner committed to planet-friendly practices, you’ll love partnering with Hawthorn. As one of the UK’s leading clothing manufacturers, Hawthorn is known for its ethical standards, which run like a lifeline through its operations, from procurement to delivery.

If you’re a promising startup, Hawthorn will support you by accepting order quantities as low as 50 pieces per design at affordable pricing. Hawthorn is also a great choice if you’re an SME or a known fashion brand.

Hawthorn specializes in casual wear for premium and mainstream users through its trendsetting apparel lines of sweatshirts, sportswear, lingerie, swimwear, t-shirts, activewear, kid’s wear, and even uniforms.

5. Argyle Haus of Fashion: The American High-End Fashion Brand

Argyle Haus of Apparel Website Home Page

LA’s leading design house and apparel manufacturer, ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, offers its premium services to established designers, growth-stage companies, and domestic brands.

With this company as your partner, you will team up with industry-leading business experts, technical designers, pattern makers, and master tailors—with over 150 years of combined apparel manufacturing experience.

Expect the best quality from ARGYLE Haus of Apparel, whose “Made in America” manufacturing includes outerwear, activewear lingerie, swimwear, and uniforms.

Committed to ethical manufacturing practices, ARGYLE Haus of Apparel also offers you the convenience of pre-production digital renderings and design mock-ups to save sample waste.

Go Places With the Right Fashion Partner

Indeed, your fashion label can reach the sky with the right custom clothing manufacturer. And each of the manufacturers discussed above can prove to be the partner that meets your needs and expectations—in their unique ways. They are the fashion industry’s trusted and creative leaders with high-quality standards and can be relied on to achieve your business goals.

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